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Why become a nanny in New York?

The advantages of becoming a nanny in New York state through our agency:

  • The possibility to live at the heart of a cosmopolitan city as the majority of our families live downtown
  • The reassurance that you will be in a family that fits you, if your first meeting with the family does not go the way you planned you are free to refuse the role and we will introduce you to other families
  • Real flexibility, we can find a position for the length of time and with the hours you require
  • An attractive salary, all our nannies receive between $15 and $25 per hour and this roughly works out at around $3000 net per month
  • A professional experience that will contribute to your resume upon your return to France, notably through the fact that you will have learnt English
  • You will be assisted by our agency through all the process concerning the visa notably
  • You will not need to pay the agency as this is covered by the family looking for a nanny
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