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How to make your home safe for your children

Reducing the risks of injury at home remains a big issue for children aged between 1-14. Every year, around one in every four children is involved in an accident at home which is serious enough to require medical attention. Even if it is not possible to avoid all the risks which could lead to an accident at home, it is important keep the following steps in mind in order to make your home safer.

  • Safety latches and locks on your doors: This is an easy procedure and very efficient to prevent injuries related to doors, like squashed little fingers and bumps
  • If you have an outside space in your home, you could put up a fence surrounding your terrace and garden, which could help in reducing the risks of being exposed to a road full of cars and passer bys.
  • Put electric outlet covers around the house as the younger ones, who can be very fast and go unnoticed, are fascinated and attracted to all kind of plugs. A minute of inattention is enough for an accident to happen.
  • Use safety tassels for window blinds.
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