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Adding variety to your baby’s diet


By introducing other sources of energy in your baby’s diet, you start to develop his senses, in terms of taste, the discovery of texture, as well as the smell and colours of food.

However, a introducing a new varied diet successfully to your child is not something to take on board without planning. This transition has to be made in two parts. The first part consists of introducing finger foods like baby carrots, and infant cereal and purees so that the baby does not feel disorientated tastewise at this stage. After a while, food which have a stronger taste and are completely foreign to his tastebuds, like artichokes for example, can then be added to the baby’s diet.

If your child is cared after by a fulltime nanny, her participation is crucial in the introduction of new tastes and textures in your child’s diet. The discovery of new food has to be done progressively and daily, so that your child can adapt to these new tastes. Work on a planned menu for the week with your nanny so that you can follow the introduction of all the new foods your baby has yet to try accordingly.

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