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No no no ! What does it mean when your child’s answer to everything is no ?


Your child is saying no to everything and you start to ask yourself what it the best thing to do in this situation.
Before everything else, know that this cycle is completely normal and forms part of the normal development of every child. He is going through a phase which makes him oppose to everything he has to do, which was probably already being manifested physically at an earlier stage.
But with the ability to speak, it becomes more noticeable as he can now express what he is feeling by speech rather than by action. By opposing to everything, your child empowers himself and becomes different from the older ones around him. Besides, saying ‘no’ gives a level of assurance to a child who is often confronted to getting a ‘no’ as an answer from his parents or adults around him.
A child’s ’no’ should therefore not always be taken in a negative way, as it can also sometimes mean ‘yes’.

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