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It ‘s your child’s birthday ! Our top tips for a stress-free afternoon


It’s your little one’s birthday and it’s time to gather his friends for a party.  Planning a birthday party for the first time can be hectic, therefore we have here a list of helpful tips to make it a fun afternoon for parents and children !

  • Up until the age of 6, try to limit the amount of invites to 8-10 children for easier coordination
  •  To make it more exciting for the little ones, organise a themed party where the children can dress up, whether as pirates, princesses, hobbits or cute cupcakes !
  •  Now time to decorate:  set a corner for a play area, a corner for food and snacks and a rest corner. Having a bunch of balloons hanging in each area is great for decoration as it doesn ‘t take a lot of space but instantly gives a party feel to a living room.
  •  For snacks and tea time, make use of paper plates and cups, especially themed ones, as they are very handy and they make tidying up afterwards quicker ! As for food, opt for small portions and sizes : mini-cakes, cupcakes or mini-sandwiches, as well as sweeties and sliced fruits.
  •  Plan a couple of activities to keep the children entertained. Sometimes the simplest ones are the most fun for the little ones : hide and seek, throwing balloons in the air, blowing bubbles, board games for the older ones, dancing to fun songs, the list is endless !
  •  Make sure that everyone is getting along and if you find one of the children who looks a bit out of his comfort zone, bring him back to the group and initiate an interaction with the others.
  •  If the weather permits, organise an outdoor activity : the children will be able to blow off some steam outside and then come back all refreshed for the indoor activities.
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