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Travelling by car with a toddler

Practical little things to think of to ensure the safety of your child when travelling by car:

– Make sure that you set the lock system on childlock everytime you travel with your toddler. This also applies to the automatic window buttons as children love playing with automated functions in cars, which increases the risk of incidents with an open window while a car is in motion.

– Keep your car free from clutter as often as possible, as any object could be a health and safety hazard to your child while your attention is focused on driving.

– Equip your car with sun protection shades, which are see-through but still do a great job at keeping the sunlight away from your little one. They are also detachable, making it easy to put them away when it is cloudy or raining.

– Never give a bottle or food to your child while you are driving, as any abrupt swerve or brake could make him choke.

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