The French speaking nanny specialist in New-York
+44 (0)203 445 0266

Adèle – 28 years old – Specialized educational worker for children with disabilities

  • Position : Nanny live-out/ full-time
  • Qualifications : Diploma of psychology (University of Rennes) + Bachelor of Education specialized with special needs people (France)
  • Experience : Teacher specialized in the education of children with disabilities (autism) + 3 years as a specialized educational worker for deaf children (France)
  • Availability : Immediatly

Adèle is an experienced and qualified French nanny especially for children with specific needs. She can quickly adapt into an early year environment and understands how to promote a child’s development. She is used to creating a safe, stimulating and supportive environment in order to ensure the child’s development.

Adèle would like to meet a family who is opened to communicate and happy to work with a professional French nanny.

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