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Bringing up your child like the French – why it is beneficial for you?

Educating children the French way is getting more acclamation and popularity from people around the world, especially by Americans.
It is often wondered how the French manage to incorporate discipline and obedience in the upbringing of their children. French children are always seen as having early nights at a very early stage in their life, as well as respecting the food being fed to them and always being so polite to people they interact with, even if they are strangers. We never see them throwing a tantrum in public, allowing the mum to enjoy the luxury of having a social life while having a baby or a toddler sitting and playing quietly next to her. It even makes us question how French mum manage to keep themselves so fresh and glowing despite having to look after their little ones.
Researchers have found that, in contrast to American parents who respond to even the smallest request of their children, the French culture comprises of strict rules in regards to how to treat food, having specific time for eating and bedtime. They do not hesitate to say ‘No’ to their child, as well as incorporating punishment as a discipline to teach the child where he was wrong, instead of analysing why he misbehaved and letting go of it.

French schools also contribute largely to incorporate discipline in the upbringing of the children. They have in place a specific structure where learning by heart, having an optimum handwriting and excelling in grammar are fundamental. French education is often compared to how the Chinese culture views education, in terms of adherence to discipline, where video games and television are banned and focus is made purely on school work.

A school of thought questions this structure as to whether it is linked to social class and specific to higher earning parents, who have an image to portray and therefore ensure that their children start developing these social behaviours at an early stage.
However, this has then been counteracted through actual testimonials and observations of families in all social classes, which prove that no matter what your earning ability or social status is, this lifestyle is well enrooted in the upbringing of French children.

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