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Teething : a hard time for babies and parents!

Teething can be a hard time for both babies and parents. But knowing what to expect and how to make the process less painful can help you to manage this unavoidable phase in your child’s growing up stage.

The most common teething symptoms are frequent waking up at night, more drooling than general(which can lead to a facial rash), gum sensitivity, and a change in your child’s behavior, like irritability and quite often, tantrums.

Teething can also cause diarrhea, diaper rash (because of your baby’s excessive saliva) and a low fever due to the gums inflammation.

What can you do to ease your baby’s discomfort?

–          Give your child something to chew on, such as a freeze teething ring or wet wash cloth.

–          Rub a clean finger gently but firmly over your baby’s sore gums.

–          Talk to your baby’s doctor about using a baby pain reliever or homeopathic teething tablets.

–          Cuddle your baby who needs a bit more attention than usual.

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