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TV for children – A blessing or a curse?

It is often said that allowing a child to watch the television on a daily basis is not recommended. This is because it can create a barrier to communication with the family if the children get a habit of watching the television at meal times, after school or sometimes even in the morning before school.
However, instead of completely banning the television in a household, it could be more beneficial to use it in moderation as it is still a good way to stimulate a child in terms of discovery and growth. His mind has to concentrate on sounds and process the images as the play on the screen. They have to analyse the information and pictures very quickly and this gives them an active role in front of the television.
The optimal way to integrate the television on a child’s lifestyle would be to limit his time to watch programmes to one hour per day. And always keep in mind that a television is never a need for a child, but only a leisure activity.

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