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How to Overcome Shyness

For children who are generally shy, it can be daunting to integrate and feel part of a group. This can be particularly problematic at school when the group they have to integrate has already been organised and the other children already know each other, whether in a new class, for a new group work, or simply a group of friends to play with.
As parents, it is important to help your child to grow out of this shyness so as it does not make him or her become isolated and carry this shyness to teenage and adult life.
You can help your child to overcome shyness through these simple tricks:
– Encourage activities your child succeeds in
-Allow your child to interact with people he/she is not familiar with, like aquaintances or even strangers, like people at the tills in supermarkets, to expand his horizon
– Avoid being too authoritarian
– Help your child to find other children with a similar nature and encourage them to become friends or a group of their own
– Show how proud you are of any achievement and congratulate your child when any effort to overcome his/her shyness is made.


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