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What is the nanny’s role in the children’s education?

Establishing guidelines and specific rules for behaviour is nowadays fundamental and widely used by parents at home, whether for bedtime, mealtimes, rewards for good behaviour, as well as to set the actions which may follow if the rules are not followed by the children. These rules are what set the boundaries which need to be respected and help to incorporate discipline in the upbringing of a child.
Accordingly, a nanny is expected to follow the behavioural and educational principles present in a family when he or she joins a family to look after the children.
To ensure that there is a good understanding of what those rules are, the parents should communicate clearly to the nanny about what is expected of her and how those rules work.
Children very often spend more time with the nanny than their own parents, which gives the nanny the role of being their referent adult whenever the parents are not around. This makes it fundamental for the nanny to follow the parents’ rules and principles in order to create a level of consistency and stability in the upbringing of a child. Any disagreement or different view on those rules should be discussed and dealt with from the very beginning to avoid any conflicting situation later on.

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