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Why teaching a foreign language to young children ?

All the experts are unanimous: the younger a child is, the more adaptable and responsive their brain is to new things. Based on this fact, it is highly recommended to teach a foreign language to young children. First of all, a child has the capacity to learn and pick up on accents more easily. As a consequence, they will be more confident and comfortable with a foreign language and may become bilingual more easily. Secondly, hearing other sounds will stimulate their curiosity and learning capacities. Learning two languages will be no issue to them since both languages will call upon different parts of the brain and will actually stimulate one another. Moreover, several studies show that switching from one language to another from an early age will actually develop their ability to synthesize and memorize. The child who learns young will also be prone to be more open minded and welcoming of other cultures and ways of thinking.

Based on all the recent studies, is has been proven that learning a foreign language is a huge advantage to your child.

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