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French language, still an important language around the world!

There are 220 millions of French speakers across the world! Fact: French is not just spoken by the French. Indeed, it is one of the official languages in lots of other countries, in and outside Europe:  Swiss, Belgium, Canada (Quebec), Lebanon… In Africa: an estimated 115 millions of people spread across African countries can speak French as either a first or a second language.

Moreover, French is still a working language of the UN, the EU and dozens of international organizations including the Olympic Committee, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the International Labor Organization, Amnesty International and Doctors Without Borders.

Not only this language has official status in number of places around the world, but it is also a very common foreign language. Between 6 and 11 million Americans speak French and in the UK, it is the most spoken foreign language with about 23% of the population speaking French.  What about you and your children? Think about French Nanny London: it is the best and easiest way for kids to learn French!

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