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How to Find the Best French Nanny in London

How to find the best French nanny in London or also called an “Au Pair“? First, just surf the internet using keywords “French Nanny in London”. Then check with friends, family, co-workers, or anyone you know who has used an Au Pair.  Good or Not so Good. What you want is advice on what to expect, precautions, agencies and their performance, etc. Between the internet and people with direct experience, you should able to compile a list to work with. By all means, do not rely on the advice of the agency themselves; they are salespeople and simply will do anything to make a sale. Here are some specific things to consider and some tips:

What is the nanny’s background? Often agencies just hire without much background checking because, as said above, they are trying to make a sale. Some nannies are actually starting out for the first time and that is okay but start with a lower rate. But background checking is essential. Your own. Don’t rely solely on the agency. If experienced, get both a background check and their resume as well as ask to talk to a few previous employers.

Know how much you should pay. Is the French Nanny in London to live-in or live-out in their own home. Live-in means you provide room and board so should be less in pay than Live-out. Figure out what Live-out is and use it to adjust the Live-in rate considering cost of room and board.

Is the nanny full-time (salaried) or part-time (probably by the hour) or even shared? Is the nanny permanent or temporary? All these considerations may change the rate or salary. You do have to make sure there is agreement and that you are compliant with the National Minimum Wage. Know what it is currently. Also, know what is considered competitive and weigh that against experience, etc.

It is best to try and get a more permanent situation because your children will think of the nanny as family and get attached emotionally. As well, you only do your background checks once. And you also build a relationship with the nanny. If part-time, try sharing and this may make it easier to get more permanent and a “shared” best price.

Will you pay hourly, weekly, or monthly? If using an agency, the agency may set a preference.

Do you Live right in London or the Home Counties south of London, or live outside the Capital? A French nanny in London or near London may require more money.

Is the nanny employed by you or self-employed? If employed by you, you have to budget in the nanny’s tax, national insurance, sick pay, maybe vacation pay, and anything else expected. Ask the question. If with an agency, you have to figure in the agency fee. Other costs may be use of a car, mobile phone, paid leave, health insurance, gym membership, or foreign travel if there is any. And if number of hours per week is set, you may need to consider overtime rates.

The nanny becomes part of the family and will be spending a lot of time with your children. So do your homework carefully before hiring a French nanny in London.

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