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Helping Hands from across the seas–French speaking Nannies

Aristocratic families, in the nineteenth century, had the concept of a nurse who lived in the house to look after the children and run the nursery. In the modern day, homes may not be as large but the need still remains the same, since, now, both parents often go out to work. So child care by trained female helpers has become a much sought after profession and French Speaking Nannies have become increasingly popular.


After the Second World War, quite a few girls belonging to the middle class in France were looking to earn their living respectably in the continent. Thus was born the concept of an ‘Au Pair’ which literally means ‘On Par’ or equal in status to the family they choose to help. These French Speaking Nannies even travel across the ocean to help take care of children.


In addition to babysitting children, the governesses also do light household chores. They can work part time for as many as thirty or forty hours a week, or, choose to live with the family. The staying-in nannies have a room to themselves and private time in the evenings. Some may go out with friends after work or go out to study, especially the language of the host country.


The advantage for the children in having French Speaking Nannies is that they grow up with dual language abilities, learning a foreign language within the four walls of their home. The children are also exposed to a different cultural environment. Many of these helpers have excellent qualifications and are trained in First Aid and child care.


Many of the responsibilities of the mother are taken on by these babysitters. They include preparing nutritious meals for the child or children under their care. They even help potty train the child. Even though many of the nannies are youngsters, they are gifted with maternal instincts and kids under their care listen to stories and songs from them.


Not only are these governesses loving and caring, but they also need to be creative. They provide various activities for the children to keep them profitably occupied. Being young and active, these nannies take the children to the library or the park as well as arrange for play dates with other kids their age. This encourages healthy social interaction in the children.


On occasions, when the family travels on vacation, they have the option of taking the au pair with them with her consent. Of course, the family has to bear her travel expenses including her food and stay. But this is in addition to her regular wages. It is still worth it for the parents since it gives them quality time together when the nitty gritties of babysitting are taken care of.


There are many Au Pair agencies which play the dual role of providing jobs for young French speaking job seekers as well as helping families who are on the lookout for a reliable person to care for their children in their absence during the day. These agencies see that fair wages are fixed for the nannies. They also vouch for the integrity of these governesses.

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