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Advantage of Hiring a French Nanny London: Language and Culture

A French Nanny or “Au Pair” actually moves in and joins the family they are working for to care for the child or children of the household. Not only do Au Pairs provide care for the family’s young children, cook great French meals, and supply superb housekeeping, an Au Pair or French Nanny London also acts as a secondary parent and/or big sister, thus “family member”, as opposed to being simply a “babysitter” that comes and goes. So the children feel “comfort” with the nanny and are more open to communication, promoting better learning. The most important teachings that occur with the live-in French nanny are a second language and different cultures.

French Nanny London encourage cultural diversity by teaching an English child about French culture by their own example. This expands the child‘s sense of diversity and acceptance of differences in the people of the world at a young age. Prejudice is squashed because the child is not yet influence by the world. The child is more flexible, open minded, and carries all these qualities to adulthood.

As well, understanding other cultures is a valuable skill for English speaking children to prepare them to be engaged in a global society as adults and/or enhances their chances for partaking in exchange programs. The internet, dominating businesses, and it is growing, is a global society and this more diverse cultural skill will allow the child as an adult to be more successful in this global and diverse environment.

With emails flying across cultures, often misunderstandings occur and cause relationship upset. However, having insight into another’s culture and being open to that person’s cultural values enables the communicator (the child as an adult) to take care in their words and minimize insult. This ensures better business and long lasting personal relationships across geographical borders.

Most of all, a French Nanny London will teach the child a second language at an early age. Learning a new language while still young is highly effective because the child’s mind is open and hungry to take in knowledge AND is learning their primary language of English anyhow. Learning a second language improves linguistic abilities, helps develop better cognitive (critical thinking, reasoning, remembering) skills, and promotes creativity. Because of the increased ability of critical thinking and reasoning, a child not only has higher abilities in verbal but also mathematical subjects.

French is fairly easy to learn with words mostly derived from Latin as in many other languages such Spanish, Italian, etc. So once you learn one Latin-influenced language, learning another is easier.  Plus the children learn that an item is the same item even though it is called a different name; they are not stuck on a single name early on in age but rather think of it as a universal object with many names. And once learning any language, learning less similar languages also becomes more facile because your mind is already open to new ways of communicating and looking at objects as objects, not names. Children are also more open as they have not been influenced by the world, leaving them to uninhibited learning.

For both culture and language learning, because of the comfort and trust that grows between child and French Nanny London and usually nannies are young therefore youthful, the teacher and student relate better and learning becomes more effective. All in all, adulthood becomes a more prosperous journey.

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